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SIA “BrainBerry” reg.No. LV40203133685, registered office Peldu iela 7, Jelgava, LV-3002, Latvia, provides a web page www.galvenais.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website) available content and services in accordance with the following terms and conditions, subject to the delivery of goods returned and other terms and conditions and the company’s operating policies, which outline is found in the home page, in relation to certain functions, features or promotions as well as customer service, all of which are included in these terms and conditions (collectively referred to as Terms and Conditions) and the component.
By accessing the Website or use it, you confirm that you have read these Terms and Conditions, understand, and agree to follow them without restrictions or conditions. www.galvenais.com reserves the right without notice to change the Terms and Conditions.

If the consumer via the Internet, purchased goods offered for sale by website galvenais.com (hereinafter referred to as “Product”), then such mutual agreement is regarded as distance contracts, and subject to legal norms governing distance contracts, including but not limited to European Parliament and Council Directive 97/7 / EEC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, the Latvian law “Consumer Protection Law”, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers “Regulations on distance contracts”.


“BrainBerry” Ltd promises to replace products if they are damaged or unusable at purchase. Please note that this warranty covers only production defects of the product.

Packaging scratches or visual damage caused by improper or inadequate transportation or handling are not cause for replacement and will not be recognized as covered by the warranty, as all our production is quality checked making sure defective production is collected and destroyed at the production facility. Intentional damage to and mishandling of the product can void the warranty.

 To make a warranty claim, please send an email to  galvenais@galvenais.com including pictures of the defect and a brief description of the issue. Our Team will respond within five business days.

Product prices placed on the website are without shipping costs. Product prices places on the website include VAT.
Prices of goods and offer are subject to change without prior notice.
Payment for products are to be made in advance.



We value your satisfaction and stand for our products. If you are not satisfied with your ordered products, you can return the products in like-new and/or unopened  condition within 14 days after receiving.

The shipping costs both for receiving and sending back the goods are charged to the customer. For information and details about withdrawal conditions, please write to  galvenais@galvenais.com. Return of goods is done in accordance with the Ministry of Consumer Protection Act.

galvenais.com is not responsible for failure to fulfill Treaty obligations if it is caused by force majeure, which could not be expected, controlled or prevented. Cases of force majeure are considered natural disasters, such as fires, wars, civil unrest, riots, strikes, epidemics, embargoes, restrictions or loss of energy losses in power or the internet, as well as hardware and software malfunction.
More information:
Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.207 “Regulations on distance contracts”
Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 631 “Procedure for Submission and Review of Consumer Claims on non-contract goods or services”.

On receipt of a product, please make sure that the goods supplied correspond to the order.
Product expiration date and the manufacturer are placed on the packaging.
The right of withdrawal is the consumer’s right to a given period (14 calendar days) withdraw from the contract (to refuse orders) without paying a penalty, interest or damages.
Guarantees and use the right of withdrawal pursuant to LR laws are in force as well as the type of goods sold and the specific characteristics.
Guarantees of rights is possible if the buyer has remained proof of purchase, which together with the purchased product shall be submitted to the Seller.
If the buyer wants to use the right of withdrawal it must be taken into account that the right of withdrawal can not be exercised:

  • after the expiration of the statutory deadline;
  • the product package is opened and / or damaged;
  • in respect of goods intended for a direct consumption, including medicines, hygiene products and cosmetics.

Exercise of the right of use in case the buyer has delivered the goods Seller shall be addressed, along with the purchase receipt, withdrawal form (download DOCX / PDF) and warranty card, if the customer has been issued.
The full amount of money of the returned goods will be payed within thirty (30) days from receipt of the refusal written by the Buyer. Seller is not responsible for any transaction or bank transfer delays after the thirty (30) day period.
The customer prepares a claim application in a free form or a filled in claim application form, issued by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 631 “Procedure for Submission and Review of Consumer Claims on non-contract goods or services” on 1 August 2006.

More information about consumer rights: CRPC website.
The general rules on consumer rights: www.likumi.lv.