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The Dumbest Mistake a Man Can Make

To you guys out there, to put it very simply - your mistake is when you treat a woman the same way you treat men.



And the worst part about it is that most probably you will not even see that you are treating her that way. Unless and until she points it out. And even then - you will have to be willing to look into it and admit it. Tough. But 900% worth it.

✔️A woman needs you to feel. She doesn't need you to give advice on how to tackle the problem. She needs you to be in that boat and feel how it feels.

✔️A woman needs you to show you care. She doesn't need to hear that the bruise is not that serious or that everything eventually heals. She needs to hear and see you care.

✔️A woman needs you to be totally present to her. She doesn't need you scrolling, eating or scratching your legs while having a conversation.

✔️A woman needs to know they are good enough right now, that she is perfect right here right now. She does not need to hear that you can always strive to be better and there is always room to grow. She has to be perfect now.

✔️A woman needs you to talk to her respectfully. She doesn't need you to curse or use slang in her presence.

✔️A woman needs to feel safe to express whatever she is feeling and currently going through. She needs that space and she needs to feel safe to express in that space - whatever that expression might be. She does not need someone to condemn or judge her because of what she is feeling or saying. Or screaming.

✔️A woman doesn't need you to whine and complain. She does complain herself from time to time, yes. But she is absolutely unattracted to and will not respect someone who complains. Complaining makes you feel weak as a man. Just. Stop. It.

A well-met woman will realize her behavior and feelings herself. Mostly. But for that to happen she needs a space of acceptance from the man.

My dear friend - I say this as a man to a man - stop treating a woman like you would treat a buddy of yours. That alone will instill trust in your woman towards you, it will make your relationship better and it will save you many long conversations that could have been avoided.




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