The Brain & DHA - Best Friends Forever

Algae? Yes, algae is THE source to get your long-chain omega-3s from and that's why we've added it to our LONGEVITY bar formula. DHA is the most valuable fatty-acid 💎 and the building material of your Brain so this bar is a great DHA-source option for vegans 💚🌱🧠.

Algae are the primary manufacturers of EPA and DHA (& other valuable fatty acids, of course) which are MOST needed for your Brain health and longevity. Besides us all being water-heads (hey-hey, no offense, the Brain consists of 75% water 🧠💦), we are all basically fat-heads too (2 quite hurtful facts to hear, I know 🙁), 'cause about 60% of the Brain cells consist of different kinds of fatty-acids. 👌

Yes, 75% + 60% total is not 100%; but there's a difference between the Brain as a whole organ and the cells of the Brain. 😉
(love you too 💚🧠)


The most commonly found fatty acids in Brain cells are docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid (dude, could've just said DHA and EPA 😒). These 2 are actually the main reason why doctors and dieticians advise you to take fish- or krill- oil supplements. DHA makes the gaps between nerve cells more fluid, that way improving cell communication🧠📲. Like, as much as you may not like to take in pure fat, this is THE fat you should consume. The Body will never use this fat as an energy source, that's why it will never store it somewhere around your Body (except your head 🧠) - it is simply too valuable 💎💎💎 to be used for energy 😉

To sum up - it's good. It's really good. 😊💚


DHAnk you,

Karlis from [galvenais]



oh, yes - cover photo by ryanniel masucol 👌

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