Brain FOCUS Bar - Focus on the Good

The "different" one. 😏 The sweet&savoury Brain FOCUS Bar deals with the midday hunger and the loss of focus following it. If you want to be productive throughout the day and maintain focus and energy levels up THERE 🧠👀 you have to be aware of the food you eat and how easy it is for the Body to process it.

Usually when we have lunch, we naturally feel a bit more satisfied and calm (not so good for the super-productive high-achievers 😯). It is because the Body has to distribute more energy and fuel to the gastrointestinal system. In other words, more blood (containing oxygen, nutrients etc) is needed in your stomach and there is less blood (oxygen, nutrients, glucose, etc.) available to fuel your Brain (makes me sound so smart, doesn't it? 🤓😎) . People say it is the good-old survival instinct - when you are full and fed, you no longer feel the pressure and need to provide for your tribe (just look at a lion when it has just eaten and not hungry; it makes you wanna pet that kitty all day 🐱💛🥰). You are more relaxed, chill, at ease and satisfied (and to the modern human this basically means "lazy" 😉).

So here, we try to avoid this naturally occuring feeling of laziness by giving the Body fuel to work with, but not overloading it with empty calories. 😉💪 A characteristic of the Brain FOCUS Bar is the real-food satiety + mental energy boost.

The seeds of hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame (allergen alert 🚨) open a dimension of valuable fats (the Omegas again 😎) and protein. The sun-dried tomato combined with oregano, rosemary, tarragon, garlic powder, paprika and a pinch of sea salt give your buds the savoury experience. While the mental boost is carried out by La-Guarana 💃🍍🕺  

The (Chiquita-Banana)-Guarana is a natural source of caffeine. Actually, it can contain up to 4x more caffeine than regular coffee beans, while also containing other stimulants like theobromine and theophylline (like, really, why would I need to remember this..?! 🤷‍♂️) As these stimulants in Brain FOCUS Bar are enclosed in natural fiber, their absorbtion in the Body is gradual and does not give you a sense of overdose and jitters experienced after overdosing coffee. 🤓☕

Besides being a mental booster and reducing fatigue, guarana has antioxidative and anti-bacterial properties; it also may relieve diarrhea, may boost heart health, lose weight, relieve pain, learn better etc. 💪⚡💚💥 (and then on the next shelf we have potatoes, which are great for eating and.. ehm..🙄 Oh, look, a rainbow! 😍🌈). 

So, if you ever wonder how it feels to be your cat and if you would like yourself as your owner, that means you could really use the Brain RELAXING Bar (one post earlier 😉). But, dude, this kinda thinking could generate some creative ideas, though 🤔 Ok, ehm, whatever.. 

(Focus, man. FOCUS!! 🤦‍♂️😬)

So, if you ever feel like having a meal and still want to get s**t done afterwards, Brain FOCUS Bar is just what you need 😊👍 (end of commercial; outro music )


Focus on the Go(o)d,

Karlis ❤️

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