Brain RELAXING Bar - there's Curry & the Rest

We believe this to be one of the most Functional bars out there ever. The one for which we have got the most personal reviews as to its functionality. RELAXING is meant to be taken seriously - both the bar and the action.

The sticky-sweet-nutty-nourishing base is made of dates, almonds, raisins and flaxseeds. The green buckwheat comes in hand, when we add a crunchy feel to the bar.

The Brain-calming effect is quite effective here 🧠💪💥

There is a whole gram of turmeric in one bar. Now, for some it may not seem that much at all. But for people for whom the only reason to take in turmeric is because "people say it is good for you" this is an excellent starter. And a perfect continuation as well. 😏

Why? Well, because turmeric is a very powerful spice. Used in the Ayurvedic cuisine for epochs ⏳🧙‍♂ and as the main ingredient in curry, it is still most popular in India (sorry, Steph, 🏀⛹‍♂ this time another "curry"🙄).

The power of turmeric lies within its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties combnied with the ability to cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier (the B-B-B 😎). As a result, turmeric can and does affect the Brain very directly - simply because it can reach it by crossing the B-B-B. And do all the antioxidant&anti-inflammatory magic there. 🤩🧠

Turmeric has been shown to lower oxidative stress in the body, improve cognitive abilites, delay neuron degradation (say whaaat?! 😮) and improve memory in patients with Alzheimer's.

Most of the magic is done by curcumin - the active molecule in turmeric. And there IS an essential precondition to how effectively curcumin can actually be absorbed in your body - it has to be consumed together with pipperine (it is the spicy molecule in black pepper; I'm not making up words here 😜). Hence, you'll find all curries quite hot 🔥 (sorry, Steph, it's the "Indian curries" again 😒). And hence again, we add a pinch of black pepper in our RELAXING bars. So you get the most out (or in? 🤔) of turmeric. 😉👌

Ok, looks like turmeric got a whole page there. Let's hope holy basil can stand up to the competition. 

Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), also simply called tulsi (it kinda does make sense when you think about it. 5 letters are easier to pronounce than 17 🤔 👌) in Ayurveda, is a natural sedative for the nervous system. It really does the work of calming your Brain and Body and letting you take a "bite of chill" when you need it (like, yeah, duuude 🤟🏄‍♂). The compounds called Ocimumosides reduce stress and balance the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the Brain. So, when you feel you have too low or too much-of-a-high - tulsi is THE herb to turn to 😉 (heey, I'm simply providing alternative options here ✌️ One Love 💚🧠).

Melatonin is the sleep hormone that your Body (pssst, and mine too! 😉) produces during the day. So, when you have enough melatonin in your system, the Body knows it is time to go to bed. 😊😴  This is the hormone that is "battling" with the stress hormones in your body - as long as you will have high levels of stress in your system, the Body will not be able to recognize the melatonin and the need to rest, because the stress hormones (cortisol etc.) with their alertness will be dominant and take the upper hand.

One widely researched way, how melatonin production in the Body is reduced, is with the help (how would you call negative-help?) of blue light. 💡 But that I'll cover probably in another post, though. Time to relax now. 🥱 Does anyone know a good way to calm down? Some kind of food or a snack maybe? 🤔🤔🤔 Would appreciate your help here ❤️


Karlis from [galvenais]



 Oh yes btw, I took Stephen's MasterClass - that was awesome ❤️🏀 

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